Are you struggling to manage your faith-based nonprofit?

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about ZEAL OPS

We help small nonprofits streamline their operations for more impact

As a nonprofit leader, you have a clear mission and vision to impact the world you live in, but you can't get out of the day-to-day operations.

You must spend time working at the highest level of your organization's mission and goals. But how? There is just too much to do.  

At ZealOps we are a little bit weird. We love systems and processes; we love creating clarity through operations.

We help small nonprofits streamline their operations so you can have a greater impact.


Check what our clients say about us

I love the D.E.A.D. method they used to assess our automated systems. We implemented updates to our event systems that are working great. Highly recommended! 

Tom Douthit


Jeremy and team stand in the gap between all the ideas I have, and actually implementing them into our workflow. They make things happen!  

Kori de Leon 

Adoring Christ Ministries

When we needed to implement a new AMS software we turned to ZealOps to analyze, recommend and implement a brand new system. It has been a great experience.  

Jeff Dalrymple 


Our ZealOps Process

Step 1: Collect

We collect information about you and your organization so we can be clear about the best solutions for your team. 

Step 2: Organize

We assess all the data we have and organize it in an actionable plan for you and your team. Whether it is streamlining a process, automating a system or defining a new project, we focus on the actionable steps you need to take to succeed. 

Step 3: Delegate

We help to pinpoint the people or the group of people that will need to own this new task or process. 

Step 4: Train

We love training. We love bringing clarity. We will dedicate time to making sure you are completely trained for on your new system or process. 

Your Next Steps

Step 1:  Take the Free Operations Health Assessment

How healthy are your current operations? Take our free operational health assessment to find out ways you can improve your operational health. 

Step 2:  Receive a Free Operations Consultation

You might have some questions about the report you received, let one of our ZealOps Operators help you answer questions and craft a plan for moving your organization forward. 

Step 3: Crush Your Next Project 

After crafting a plan for moving your organization forward, Zeal Operations can help you implement your plan. 

Got Questions? We would love to answer them!